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  • Duration: 
  • Pace: /mi
  • Elevation: + ft, - ft (net:  ft)

Day 5: From Phortsetanga to Machermo

Today's trek took us from Phortsetanga, via Dohle, to Machermo. We had originally planned to spend a night in Dohle, but to make up for the lost day due our flight delay we pushed on to Machermo. We still had a nice tea break there.

The length of today's stage and the altitude made this a challenging day. The trek had a lot of climbs and we gained a substantial amount of altitude. We continued our strategy to reach new altitudes during our hikes and then spent the night at slightly lower altitude. That really helps us get acclimated.

At the end of the day, Monika enjoyed a bucket shower, which is exactly what the name suggests. We played a few rounds of cards, but the guys gave up when Monika kept winning.